Surf Sports: Training Update – Youth & Seniors

  • Clean, offshore conditions forecast all week guys – get your training in!
    We held our first Aspiring board paddling training session last Friday 3rd led by coach Bresa and assisted by Nick.  What a great turnout in some unforgiving easterly conditions, creating a fun and challenging environment, perfect for practicing the technical arts of punching out through the wind and waves, catching runners back to shore, and generally negotiating the break.  The group is eagerly awaiting their next session this Friday.
  • Deano’s Comps paddle training group continues to attract great numbers and the crew is currently enjoying their focus of the endurance build part of the season with some longer sets, integrated running, ever present starts and finishes, and plenty of can turn practice.
  • Board Training days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 6am sharp, alternating between groups – please contact coaches if you are interested to try out and attend one of the groups.
  • Sunday morning’s new warmup & skills session is an extra opportunity to spend some extra time on the water and go into club swim and surf activities ready and raring to go – every Sunday at 6:30am before the program officially kicks off at 7:30am with the Club Swim.
  • Ski Training is slowly building momentum again after a quiet offseason, with specialist coach Brendan Downes making waves with the group when periodically back in town, supported by Ski Captain Bresa and the senior paddler group.
  • Keep up your swim training!  This is the backbone of every surf lifesaving club across the world, and one area we need to work hard on continuing to improve.  Its incumbent on each member to keep up their swim proficiency and training, however we are aiming to make swimming a greater focus on Sunday’s and during multi-discipline training sessions.
Please contact our nominated coaches or captains if you would like to join a training group.

Training Schedule
Mon    6am Boards**
Tues   6am Ski   |    5pm Nippers*
Wed   6am Boards**
Thurs 6am Ski
Fri       6am Boards**   |  4:15pm Board/Swim (Ironman) TBA
Sat      Free  / 7am Seniors Swim/Board TBA
Sun     6:30 Board/Swim Skills  (prior 7:30am Activities)
* Nipper Training – our hard working Nipper AGM’s need your help for coaching assistant and water safety roles every Tuesday
** Board Training = 2x Comps sessions/week (rotating on Mon/Wed/Fri), and 1x Aspiring session (rotating on the alternating Mon/Wed/Fri to Comps)

All Seniors and Youth wanting to join a club training group please contact your relevant sports captain or coach for an ability assessment, equipment run through, and general chat about your goals and aspirations.  General queries to Nick on:
Surf Sports Team Leader – Nick Walker or 0438 890 995
Boat Captain – Jeff Medcalf or 0403 789 746
Board Captain – Greg Pepall or 0439 905 822
Ski Captain / Development Officer – Jason Bresanello or 0422 925 350