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Patrol Teams

Each season, qualified members are allocated a specific patrol team by the Patrol Officer. Please login in to Surf Life Saving Australia Members Area to identify which Patrol Team you have been allocated to. Teams are developed to ensure an appropriate level of award qualification and experience to provide the very best service and safety for our community.

If you can not do your patrol

It is YOUR responsibility to:

  1. Contact another Club member from another patrol to fill in for you. It must be with someone of similar award ie. Bronze for Bronze or IRB Driver for IRB Driver;
  2. Put details of change on the club pin up board. Give plenty of notice!
  3. Inform your Patrol Captain
  4. Make sure this change is appropriately documented on the sign on sheet
  5. As a last resort, member can put a notification in the RIP

Patrol Teams


Patrol Captains

Fergus Martin
Rob Lucas

Nat Rad
Chris Swartz
Karen Herlihy
Shannon Steer
Caroline Tompkins
Wing Kuen Wee
George Bockman
Lily Turbill


Patrol Captains

Nick Roeker
Jo Lucas

Carl Richardson
Dana Neuman
Suzie Woods
Dave Loverock
Colin Pass
Xavier Woods
Mitchell Loverock
Lilly Richardson


Patrol Captains

Hayden Chandler
Ken Clark

Les Paxton
Corrine Stoner
Blue Field
Lee Griffith
Susan Battersby
Chloe Battersby
Mika Marshall
Mia Benson


Patrol Captain

Shane Beiser

Jacklyn Riddell
Dinah Roeker
Heike Anfang
Luke Roeker
Sude Gurupan
Jolane Hlavaty
Richard Wrightson
Freya Richardson
Erika Porritt
Will Beiser


Patrol Captain

Greg Peppall

Carl Ryan
Lisa Symans
Sally moir
Lawrence Cuthbert
Paul Bairstow
Kelly parker
Ebony Anderson
Gemma Moir
Lilly Shanks
Ethan Woods


Patrol Captain

Jim Morcom

Dora Adeline
Rob Mason
Jamie Scally
Trish Hines
Tully Franklin
Adrina Nichol
Cooper Sandy
Thomas Musk
Christine Murray
Noah Ruffo


Patrol Captains

Ella Abbott
Ian Spurgeon

Andrew Jose
Jason Abbott
Joy Abbott
Riley Abbott
Helen Marshall
Byron Bird
Stell Mellows
Keilarni Lloyd
Coco Smargiassi


Patrol Captain

Rachael Duffield

Andrew Duffield
Callum Duffield
Josh Duffield
Greg Webb
Jason Bresanello
Rachel Bresanello
Paul Chivers
Romy Duffield
Lilly Furphy


Patrol Captains

Noah Morcombe
Jeff Medcalf

Helena Stoakley
Scott Briscoe
Lynda Jose
Jil Cartmel
Toby Ryan
Bastian Morcombe
Simon Smith
Mitchell Manera
Pat McSweeny
Lilly Briscoe


Patrol Captain

Richard Langston

Alex Wells
Peter Gray
Kristin Ellery
Warwick Ellery
Alice Nixon
Erin Miler
Rowene De Groot
Solomon Ellery
Nicky Wright
Emily Dyson
Patrick Ellery


Patrol Captains

Willem Freebury
Chrisk Ficko

Gavin Shepherd
Amanda nitscke
Bree davy
Jake Shepherd
Benn Gray
Greg Freebury
Tash Rolfe
Hattie Martin
Ned Shepherd
Rebecca Beebe


Patrol Captains

Jacques Swartz
Dani Lynch

Tom Bowles
Sophie Lynch
Angus Bowles
Beth hearle
Devon Proudfoot
Matt Wells
Hannah Wells
Nick Walker
Kleo Proudfoot
Hamish Bowles

If your names does not appear on the patrol team lists and you have a current bronze medallion or SRC award, then we would love to hear from you and assign you a patrol for the coming season, so please contact the Patrol Captain using the form below.

To access your patrol roster please log into your SLS Member Login. 

Minimum Annual Patrol Hour Requirements for Competition

All members who wish to compete at any SLSA or SLSWA “championship” competition (including Regional, Branch, State and Australian Championships; for all competition including Open, Age, Masters, Pool, IRB, Endurance, ILS and ILS member country Championships) must carry out required patrol, in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the SLSA Policy “Eligibility to compete in SLSA competition; Doc No.5.04.

Albany SLSC Patrol requirement for competition is summarised as:

Requirements are applicable for U15 through to Masters with current Bronze Medallion Award (BM) and U15 with current Surf Rescue Certificate Award (SRC).

U14s (with SRC Award) are exempt of all patrol hour requirement for U14 competitions, UNLESS they wish to age up to U15 team events, at which time the U15 (with SRC award) patrol hours requirements apply.

All personal patrol hours are logged up to 31st Dec of current year (includes all patrol hours from Jan though to Dec) for all SLSWA and SLSA “championship” competitions to be held in following year (State Championships, Aussies, etc).

16 hours is the minimum number of hours required to meet Albany SLSC requirements for competition. If you have attained your bronze equalifiactions within this year, these hours will be calculated pro rata.

Patrol hours for Albany SLSC include Rostered Patrol, Substitute Patrols and Water Safety for nipper activities and events (not including Surf Sports training). Other patrol hours can be included but will need prior approval from the Patrol Captain.

Contact Patrol Officer