Our Environment

Eco Sustainability Team


  • Provide education to clubbies, their family and friends about caring for the environment
  • Achieve club and community participation in everyday practices that preserve and care for the environment
  • Empower and build capacity within the club and wider community to advocate and get involved in ecological sustainability

Albany Surf Life Saving is proudly supported by Sea Shepherd Albany/Great Southern.


  • Building on the success of the Recycling scheme
  • Education sessions on recycling
  • ‘Containers for Change’
  • Beach clean-up – Supported by Sea Shepherd Albany/Great Southern
  • Movie Night documentary from Sea Shepherd
  • Colouring Competitions
  • Keep Cups for coffee/hot drinks
  • Significant reduction in the sale of still water in plastic single use bottles
  • Food waste compost/chooks food scheme
  • Reduction in water usage
  • Reduction in consumption


‘Beaches play an important part in the Australian way of life. Coastal activities are dependent on healthy coastal environments, and the capacity to ensure ecologically sustainable use and development of that environment is imperative for all Australians’ 


Putting the green into red and yellow


Look out for ‘Green Dates’ in the RIP

We welcome everyone to join in all the projects above and more. We would love to hear your ideas and points of view. Feedback is very welcome!

Corinne, Benn, Anne and Erin would love to hear from you. Contact the Eco Team using the form below!

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