Training Schedule

The Surf Sports team have made significant changes to the training opportunities for all members of the club.  Age, skill level and fitness level… we have it covered! The full training schedule can be found below. There is most certainly something for everyone!

The Albany SLSC aim:

  • to promote a consistent training presence and activity focus at the club over the weekend at regular timeslots – capped by the traditional Sunday club competition day – in order to maximise participation and build group training and club social momentum.
  • to provides a range of options within a condensed three day window to suit the wider availability opportunities for members. This program also  aims to establish and promote Saturday morning as a ‘club training’ session and an environment which encourages self-guided (and generally uncoached) group training, being well supported by the regular attendance of senior and experienced youth members conducting own training.
  • to provide opportunity for occasional technical skills sessions and any professional coaching clinics. These will be advertised once confirmed.
  • to engage new members to the range of possibilities within surf sports and skills development by taking the opportunity of running a number of activities side by side.
  • to provide opportunities to target specific training for upcoming events which are either external and typically well supported by the club (Rotto Swim, Busso Swim), or itself run by the club (NYE Swim, Albany Surf Craft Challenge).

Weekly Training

Albany SLSC aims to run training on regular days and times throughout the week, alternated to maximise opportunities to train over several disciplines.

All training by appointment with the relevant Captian or nominated coach.

Boats: varies by crew
Boards Intro: TBA
Board Comp: Monday|Wednesday|Friday 6am (x2 varies)
Ski: Tuesday & Thursday 6am
Ironman: Saturday 6am/8am (varies)
Swim: Club Swim Sunday 7.30am
Beach: 1 x weekday 6am TBA

All training is run at Middleton Beach from the club unless otherwise advised. Times and days may vary with weather and are subject to demand. Please ensure you link up with the right communication channel favoured by each coach so you don’t miss out!

Please contact the relevant member of the Surf Sports team directly or our Team Leader on or call 0438 890 995.

* Be prepared for any weather, so bring both runners and wet gear.

    Training Guide

    Invisible Row


    Mixed Training

    Mixed Training = Run, Swim, Board, Ski, Rowing, Multis / Combinations

    This may comprise either standalone discipline training eg Boats or Skis, or mixed discipline Ironman or Cameron training which is regularly undertaken by members regularly on a Saturday morning.  Informal and uncoached, and sometimes limited to teams (eg a training Boat Crew), it will represent a valuable opportunity for all members to undertake own training in the company and with the support of other club members.

    For some members This may also take the form of the Competition Board Training group which will again be led by Dean Symmans this year.  Note a second Beginners Board Training group may be commenced during the season depending on demand and coaching availability.

    Start Times

    For discipline training sessions please arrive 15min earlier than stated for setup.  For mixed format involving skis, boats or other water draft, we recommend 30min prior for setup and warmup. 

    Friday Trainings

    Fridays will aim to accommodate at least two options or ‘arenas’ to cater for all abilities and interests.  Eg aim to maintain a regular ski training session for those unable to participate in specific run, swim or boat legs of the Friday night feature.  However these features will be structured for broad participation by using mixed and shortened legs, and emphasis on participation.

    Run Swim Run, Taplin, Cameron

    Run Swim Run = 500m Run, 400m Swim, 400m Swim unless noted otherwise

    Taplin = Swim, Run, Board, Run, Board, Run, Swim, Run

    Cameron = Swim, Run, Board, Run

    Club Handicap Swim

    Swim where noted first on the program is assumed to be the Club Handicap Swim. This will be swim either as a stand alone first part of the Youth / Senior Program, or as the first leg of a continuous multi i.e. requiring competitors to continue directly from the swim generally to run to the next station leg / transition.  This will require points program to swim the handicap swim, together.   This format is to ensure the continued viability and support of the Club Swim.  It will require the Club Swim move to a 7:30am start time.

    Upcoming Events

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    Scheduled Training Events

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