Community Courses 

Albany SLSC provides training for community members in the following two ‘fee for service’ courses.

Community Surf Rescue Certificate

WhoCare Givers, Educators, General Public
LengthFull Day
Testing200m Swim, Fitness Test, CPR
WhereAlbany SLSC and Denmark SLSC
WhenAlbany: Week 9 of School Term 4 each year
Denmark: March each year

This is the required award for water safety for most supervised excursions such as school, or activity groups. The course covers the legislative aspects of the duty of care around water and provides training in hazard awareness, swimmer recovery and CPR. It is a practical based course and candidates will take a whole day to complete the course with some reading to be completed prior to the day. There is a proficiency test of a 200m swim that must be achieved within 5 mins before training begins. There is also a fitness test of a run, swim, run over a 300m course also to be completed in 5 minutes that will be conducted later in the day.

The annual requlaification of this award is run on the same day.

Introduction to Beach Safety

WhoSchools/Outdoor Educational Programs/Other Organisations
Length2-3 hours
WhenAs requested

This is a short course of two or three hours, depending on need, to help raise the awareness of beach and open water hazards with young people. It is typically accessed by youth residential facilities and by schools as an adjunct to their Outdoor Education programs. Delivery times and dates will be negotiated with organisations to meet their needs.

For more information, please contact the Education Team Leader.

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