Surf Sports

Program for Youth, Seniors & Masters

The Youth, Senior and Masters Surf Sports Program is currently combined and delivered in the following three areas:

1. Sunday ‘Season’ Activities

Run weekly with comp points for youth & elected seniors.

Sunday 7:30am – 8:45am

A 3-part structure replicated each week consisting of Water, Beach and Relay/Team activities, with a rotating focus and even overall coverage of the main carnival competition formats.  Seniors and masters may elect to participate in an open ‘senior’ club championship points system which are tallied through the year to reward consistency and performance.  This is a no-pressure, no-obligation initiative to maximise participation, but young ‘seniors’ and youth ‘cadets’ are likely to respond well to the continuation of a points system and indeed is generally a club expectation


1. Water

Incorporating the 400m Club Handicap Swim either as a standalone event, or combined into multi format eg Swim 400 / Run 500 / Swim 200 or Board 600. Features core race formats including surf race, board race, youth ironman/Cameron.

2. Beach, Sprints, Flags, 1km & 2km Run

As well as these standalone beach activities, running will generally be worked into the Water component in the form of longer Run Swim Runs and the like.

3. Relay / Team

Water & Beach combination activities (weighted to Water) with various team formats to maximise participation.  Provides a ‘fun’ ending to the day’s program, an inclusive approach to the more technical disciplines, and regular exposure to and practice in core carnival formats including the Cameron (swim/run/board), Taplin (swim/run/board/ski/), individual discipline relays (swim, board, ski, sprint relays), and paired format events (tube rescue and board rescue). Events may occasionally involve ‘all discipline’ activities including water craft (see below).

2. All-Discipline Activities

Run on an irregular or occasional basis.

Saturday 6:30am – 8:00am

Saturday 8:00am – 11:00am

Sunday 7:30am – 8:45am

Sees the integration of water craft and lifesaving activities on an irregular basis (eg up to 3 over the season) which are generally common in metropolitan / Perth competitions and which integrate and promote core water craft lifesaving skills and experience, in particular within the fields of IRB Racing and the Lifesavers Challenge.  Based on demand and weather conditions, and requiring the support of minimum levels of separate training for bronzed members.  May include indoor first aid sessions or components.  May be combined with the core weekly activities eg in an ‘All Discipline’ relay combining IRB and boat race legs with traditional swim, board, and ski legs.  Aims to builds on the strength of youth and seniors training and skills in water craft, first aid and surf sports, and creates opportunities for the expansion of Albany SLSC’s competition portfolio generally over 2-3 years.

3. "Friday Night at the Races" Twilight Series

Friday 5:00am – 6:30am

NB: This program is still in review subject and subject to review

A number of themed ‘Race’ and ‘Training’ activities will be held and can will adapted to either a social ‘race’ or fun training format subject to weather and numbers.  Prizes and presentations for the ‘race’ series should be ad hoc, focus on humour and reward participation, and generally be incorporated within the sundowner social format directly following the activity.


“Bronze Stallion” Run Swim Run

Aspiring bronzies strut your stuff alongside newly minted bronzies and returning sea dogs over a testing 500m run, 400m swim, 500m course.  Kick off the season with a surf lifesaving classic.


“Griffiths St Gallop” Marathon Run

Run the path to Emu Point, hit the beach at Griffiths Street and return to the Club on the soft and hard sand.  A 5k local classic to suit everyone from competitive beasts embedded deep in their 16 week run program, to first time and social runners.


“Cousins Cup” Board Race

Who could forgot the club’s wildly successful first foray into the Board Paddling marathon arena last year?  A repeat of this event will test competitors’ endurance over 1.25k, 2.5k and 5k course options.


“Sprint Classic” Ski vs Ski Series


Test your ski paddling speed over Comp Length 750m and Hot Lap 200m.  Handicaps apply!


“Emu Point Enduro” Ski vs Boat Race

It’s a long time to the annual Surf Craft Challenge … so better start training now! Can’t paddle, don’t row? Never fear, you’ll be hitting the beach on the hoof and providing up to the minute race updates on hand held two way radios!


“Enter Sandman” Friday Night Flags

Enter the Sand Arena at your own risk!  The most fun you’ll have on the beach since British Bulldogs was officially banned.  Try your hand at this carnival classic, using your speed, strength, agility, reflexes, judgement, and … luck!


“Rescue Team Relay” All Discipline Scramble

Water craft to the rescue …. Prepared to be amazed by the skill and timing of the IRB’s, the power and precision of the Surf Boats, and join the biggest team race of the year with your favorite run, swim and board legs.


“Midds Gold” Ironman Challenge

Inspired in equal parts by the Annual Bondi Lifeguard Challenge and Coolangatta Gold, competitors can solo or team leg a challenging course taking in our most prized local beach assets.  Get psyched for this one …


"Beep Test and Burgers” Series

Do it like the pros do.  A unique opportunity to get a fix on your pre-season run fitness. Measure your improvement over the season by getting along to the final session of the year and watch the beep numbers go up!

“Boardwalk Blues” Parkrun

A howling easterly group running special.  Conquer the granite mounts, reveal the spectacle of King Georges Sound, Michaelmas and Breaksea Islands.

“Rescue rescue rescue” Tube Squad & Board Special

Pair up. Rescue your mate. Showcase your lifesaving skills to a crowd!

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