Support Operations

The Albany Support Operations Team an integral element of Surf Life Saving WA’s life saving services, providing an additional resource for clubs to deliver effective lifesaving patrols, as well as provide support to external agencies (such as the Water Police and Sea Rescue) through emergency response; and search and rescue missions.

Jet ski operators are volunteer members who undertake initial training and ongoing personal development to ensure that they have the skills and confidence to handle a powerful piece of rescue equipment in often challenging conditions.

Operators become members of teams that function in a range of different capacities that align with the skills and experience of the operators

The Albany Support Operations Team, (also known as the Emergency Response Team) is made up by experienced club members from different backgrounds who bring a special skill set to the team with good knowledge of our coastal area.

The Albany Support Operations Team is a dedicated and professional team that monitor our rugged and often dangerous coastline.

Support Operations Team

  • Patrick McSweeney
Support Team
  • Byron Bird
  • Gavin Shepherd
  • Rob Mason
  • Matt Wells
  • Richard Langston
  • Alex Poulton
  • Greg Webb

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