Surf Sports 

Surf Sports form a diverse and historic component of who we are as a club. At ASLSC we are lucky to have some of the finest stretches of beach in Western Australia to train and compete on. From Nippers to Masters, all our members have the opportunity to participate in surf sports training and competitions. Surf Sports incorporates several different events based on the skills required as a surf lifesaver, from beach sprints to surf boats, boards, skis and ocean swimming.

The motivating factor always is to improve fitness, continually enhance core lifesaving skills and have fun with fellow club members to keep our beautiful beach safe. At ASLSC we have regular activities for these disciplines, including beach running, team relay and swimming events, and offer opportunities for training and involvement in surf boats, skis and boards.

The Surf Sports team have recently made significant changes to the participation opportunities for all members of the club.  Age, skill level and fitness level… we have it covered. We beleive there is most certainly something for everyone.

The Albany Surf Sports team season Focus Areas include;

  • Participation focus
  • Inclusive approach
  • Welcoming new members
  • Increase club activities
  • Support growth, change & vibrancy

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