Every Australian can help save a life. On the sand and in the surf, people just like you step up to the challenge to become lifesavers; to own the coast and love the coast.Becoming a surf lifesaver is the epitome of a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s joining a community, making new mates and giving something back to your local community. It’s being your best self. It’s learning and teaching in a supportive environment. Whether it’s patrolling, surf sport comps or training the next generation, our members agree it’s nothing short of rewarding.


…our members agree it’s nothing short of rewarding

Lifesaving is life-changing…

See yourself donning the red and yellow? To become a surf lifesaver you’ll need to:

As a surf lifesaver, you’ll learn valuable skills working as a trained volunteer. This means patrolling our beaches on weekends and public holidays during the surf lifesaving season. You’ll undertake a number of roles, including aquatic rescues, providing first aid and emergency care and providing surf safety information to the public.

Furthermore, Bronze Medallion holding members become eligible to compete in surf sports events, upon meeting patrol requirements.

Water Safety

Surf Patrol

Support Operations

Lifesaving Team

 C Cameron Martin
Team Leader
  • Alex Poulton
Patrol Officer
  • Dani Lynch
Patrol Captains
  • Rob Lucas
  • Jo Lucas
  • Greg Peppal
  • Jim Morcom
  • Hayden Chandler
  • Rachael Duffield
  • Jeff Medcalf
  • Richard Langston
  • Willem Freebury
  • Christine Ficko

First Aid Officer – 
IRB Captain
Radio Officer
Support Ops Coordinator – Patrick McSweeney
Water safety Coordinator – 
General Member

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