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Albany SLSC has a dynamic Woodside Nipper program, which aims to develop skills that will aid children in both their enjoyment of the beach environment and their safety in doing so. By conducting events each week in the areas of sprints, flags, swim and board these children are developing skills that will improve their skills and fitness, aid them in their journey towards becoming Life Savers.

These events are fun and non-threatening with a healthy mix of competition and participation. For those who enjoy the more competitive side of Surf Life Saving the club provides pathways in the competitive environment.

Can your child swim?

Please note: It is not the aim of ASLSC to teach your children how to swim. We strongly recommend children participate in swim classes, either during the school term or holiday times. Vacation swimming lessons at a beach environment are recommended.


ASLSC welcomes Nippers aged 5-14 into the Woodside Nipper Program. Age groups are calculated from the age of the child at the start of the season. For example: a child turning 10 in December is 9 at the start of the season and is therefore an U10 (despite being 10 for much of season).


The Woodside Nipper program runs on Sundays throughout the season from 9.00am-11.00am. Be sure to arrive in time for your child to get prepared for the start of the session. Events begin promptly at 0900.

The calendar more information on the Woodside Nipper program for this season. It is expected that parents/carers remain on the beach throughout the duration of Woodside Nipper activities each Sunday.

In addition a number of major events are held throughout the season at various locations around the state.

Nippers also have the opportunity to participate in weekly training sessions at Middleton Beach.

Details of all Woodside Nipper and Youth activities can be found in the calendar.

Woodside Nippers

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