Surf Sports

Program for Youth, Seniors & Masters

The Youth, Senior and Masters Surf Sports Program is combined and delivered in the following areas:

1. Sunday ‘Season’ Activities

Run weekly with comp points for youth & elected seniors.

Sunday 7:30am – 8:45am

Each week starts with a Club Swim, followed by Board events and/or a Board Relay/Mixed Relay or Ironman event and then finishing with Beach events (Flags, Sprint or relay).

Seniors and masters may elect to participate in an open ‘senior’ club championship points system which are tallied through the year to reward consistency and performance.  This is a no-pressure, no-obligation initiative to maximise participation, but young ‘seniors’ and youth ‘cadets’ are likely to respond well to the continuation of a points system and indeed is generally a club expectation


1. Water

Incorporating the 400m Club Handicap Swim either as a standalone event, or combined into multi format eg Swim 400 / Run 500 / Swim 200 or Board 600. Features core race formats including surf race, board race, youth ironman/Cameron.

2. Beach, Sprints, Flags, 1km & 2km Run

As well as these standalone beach activities, running will generally be worked into the Water component in the form of longer Run Swim Runs and the like.

3. Relay / Team

Water & Beach combination activities (weighted to Water) with various team formats to maximise participation.  Provides a ‘fun’ ending to the day’s program, an inclusive approach to the more technical disciplines, and regular exposure to and practice in core carnival formats including the Cameron (swim/run/board), Taplin (swim/run/board/ski/), individual discipline relays (swim, board, ski, sprint relays), and paired format events (tube rescue and board rescue). Events may occasionally involve ‘all discipline’ activities including water craft (see below).

2. All-Discipline Activities

Run on an irregular or occasional basis.

Sees the integration of water craft and lifesaving activities on an irregular basis (eg up to 3 over the season) which are generally common in metropolitan / Perth competitions and which integrate and promote core water craft lifesaving skills and experience, in particular within the fields of IRB Racing and the Lifesavers Challenge.  Based on demand and weather conditions, and requiring the support of minimum levels of separate training for bronzed members.  May include indoor first aid sessions or components.  May be combined with the core weekly activities eg in an ‘All Discipline’ relay combining IRB and boat race legs with traditional swim, board, and ski legs.  Aims to builds on the strength of youth and seniors training and skills in water craft, first aid and surf sports, and creates opportunities for the expansion of Albany SLSC’s competition portfolio generally over 2-3 years.

3. Sundowner Series

Friday 5:00am – 6:30am

NB: This program is currently being developed.

Stay tuned for more information.

The Surf Sports Team are currently working on 4 key Friday Sundowner events for Youth, Seniors and Masters.


Upcoming Events

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Youth Program

The aim of the Youth Program is to engage, enthuse, and educate all graduating ‘Woodside Nippers’, and new youth members, regardless of their ability in any surf sport discipline, and aid the retention and development of members.

Our youth members (U14 to U17) are the future leaders of the surf life saving movement, thus we want to provide opportunities for them to learn and develop new skills to not only become better surf lifesavers, but also contributors to their local communities.

The Youth Program aims to achieve this by:

  • Offering a gradual and seamless transition from nippers to youth programs;
  • Increasing the opportunity for new youth members who did not participate in Nippers, to join and learn the skills required to become lifesavers;
  • Offering a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Developing in complexity throughout;
  • Developing individuals holistically across the pillars of surf life saving being lifesaving; surf sports; and training

The Youth Program offers clubs and youth managers a structure and framework from which to base their club-based development sessions on Sunday mornings.

Download this brochure for more information.

In addition to the Youth Program, SLSWA offers a range of key initiatives including the Youth Leaders Program, Youth Program Pathways, Development Camps and Awards.

Training Schedule

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Have questions about the program, events or participation? Please feel free to contact our Youth Coordinator below.