Surf Sports: Sunday Wrap – Youth & Seniors

Return of the Flags!  Check your socials to checkout photos of all the action.  Always draws a Nippers crowd and a great way to finish the session.

Handicap Swim – we have now completed the seeding rounds and will kickoff the new format this Sunday 7:30am.  If you missed the first two weeks, don’t fear – turn up and this week and we’ll assign times, adjust if necessary.  Remember it’s all about being out in the water with more people, finishing closer together as a group, creating a ‘chase’ for all swimmers, maintaining or improving against a benchmark, and generally creating a pack swim environment
a) more like you will experience in a real life rescue; and
b) more like the churn of a 400m surf race! 
Sure, there’s a medal up for grabs at the end of the season, but the main idea is to keep it fun, challenging, team focussed and improvement based – and don’t forget the clipboard operator has the final say in your handicap time!

Boards & Ironman events – a few days of strong onshore winds kicked up some nice sized sets for the day, but blown over by some gusty nor-easterly winds, they certainly tested the mettle of our board paddlers and swimmers.  Congrats to all solo and relay team finishers of the first Ironman event (Swim, Run, Board, Run), the sun was out and tongues weren’t far behind!

Thank you to those volunteers who gave up their time to setup up the flags and sprint arena – it’s not a big job when shared around like it was, and it enjoyed by all age groups over the course of the day.  Let’s keep these jobs rotating around for the whole season 😊 Every week we need the same orange start line poles and green finishing flags down on the beach by 7:00am ready for install, tables and chairs setup and board trailers out ready for Nippers.