Patrol News

by | Tue, 07 Nov 2023 | General, Patrol, Youth

A big thank you to all patrol members who tackled the cooling breeze and came down to the nippers shed to mix with our patrol sponsor GSSC. Your effort is appreciated.

Just to recap:

  1. Your rosters are now available online and you can log into your members portal to view them.
  2. Please organise swaps for your patrol, our teams are much lighter this season and it’s very difficult when people just don’t show.
  3. If you are covering someone’s shift, please do the shift. We have had last season several instances when the sub never showed.
  4. Each morning patrol starts at 7.30am, with flags up at 8am, finishing at 11.30am.
  5. The afternoon shift is 11.30am start with flags down and then fully packed away at 2.30 pm.
  6. Your PC will do a briefing prior to your patrol starting, you need to be there for this.
  7. RADIOS: there will be one radio on GS WIDE, Surfcom listen to everything said on this channel, the other radios will be on training. We need to keep our Surfcom radio free of chatter.
  8. Comp hours: remember if you are competing this season, patrol hours are from the 01/01/23 to the 31/12/23, and you need a minimum of 16hrs for comp.
  9. Uniforms: these must have current sponsors on the shirts. Please ensure Woodside is down one arm and Ampol down the other. If you need to change your shirt, please let me know.
  10. Preventatives: there is a big push by SLSWA to log preventatives, please record these each patrol.

This season will be a challenge in how we run our patrols and we all need to be flexible, and innovative at the same time. Thank you all for your continued effort and support. 

For more information on patrols, you can contact Dani Lynch vie email