Youth & Seniors Sunday Wrap

by | Tue, 06 Feb 2024 | Events, General, Patrol, Surf Sports, Youth

Sunday 4th Feb
Club Swim…Points Swim…Board Race…Ironman (!)… Beach Sprint!!
Wow.  What a big morning, and a great push by the youth seniors crew in flat offshore conditions with plenty of late sunshine.
Coming up soon – lock these dates into your calender:
11th Feb – Sunday Activities 7:30am @Midds (no early warmup)
18th Feb – Club Champs Day 7:00am @Midds
25th Feb – Lifesaver Relay Day 7:30am @Midds (no early warmup)
Team Relays (boats, skis, boards, swim, run)
2nd March – WA Beach Champs (youth/open + nippers) @Sorrento
3rd March – WA Surf Boat Champs (short course) @Sorrento
3rd March – WA Country Champs (10yr + nippers/youth/open) @Sorrento
4th March – WA Champs Masters (surf + beach)@Sorrento
Keep eye out for the opening of entries for the upcoming state championship event series – and check out details as they are added here: Events from February 5 – March 3 – My Beach

Training, Seniors or general business to Nick Walker at or 0438 890 995.  Youth enquiries to Jos Pass at or 0428 995 077.

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