Youth & Seniors: Sunday Wrap 17/12

Swim, Swim, Iron!  Another big week of pushing our surf swimming skills and fitness to the max – great job guys!  See you back on Sunday 7th Jan for a 6:30am warm up/skills 7:30am handicap club swim to kick-off the first activities program for 2024.
A big thanks to all youth & seniors who got on aboard with Christmas and helped our Nippers have another memorable fun day.

Training & Volunteering
Board training for Aspiring-Intermediate paddlers is on Wednesday this week starting at 6am – as always arrive early to arrange your board.  The weather forecast is telling us it’s going to be a great day to catch runners so come on down!  Deano’s advanced crew will be out on the water at the same time so should be good fun.
Otherwise we’ll look forward to seeing you all at Midds for the big New Years Eve Swim
SRC’s & Bronzies – if you aren’t planning on competing, look for the officials and water safety callouts or get in touch with us direct – Nick, Jos, Dani, Col.  The Registration desk is always on the hunt for volunteers too 😊
If you’re planning to put your swimming to the test, then  REGISTER HERE
Hot food and coffee will await you at the finish line …
Key contacts:
Training, Seniors and general enquiries to Nick at or 0438 890 995
Youth enquiries to Jos at or 0428 995 077