Youth & Seniors: Sunday Wrap

A 400m Club handicap swim… followed by… a 400m surf race for points!  Otherwise known as the same thing, twice, at top speed. 

Gun for hire Rob Mason couldn’t believe his luck – welcome back Rob – but couldn’t get back his favourite jet ski quickly enough when the board race was called to finish off proceedings.  Pete Gray was next seen scrambling for something very important to do, somewhere other than the board arena and in a great hurry it must be said.  Seriously though, it was a perfect day for swimming (with even a little wave for board paddlers), and a great introduction to the month of December aka the great ‘one-month build to the New Years Eve Swim’.
Thanks also to IRB specialists Dora, Devon & Tom for keeping our waters safe, along with the rest of the Water Safety team.  A reminder the handicap swim is open to all club members, so come on down to the start line, get a wave time, and have a go at your own speed.
A reminder that all participating youth and seniors are invited to attend our early morning warmup and skills sessions each Sunday morning prior to regular activities, for those chasing more time to work on board skills, fitness, and board-swim-run (junior ironman) formats in a development-based environment.  If you are interested in receiving updates on this or other training sessions, please contact

Aspiring/Intermediate Board Training this week – Wednesday 6am See you there!

Key contacts:
Nick Walker
Jos Pass