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by | Tue, 05 Dec 2023 | General, Patrol, Youth

Welcome back Patrol Members!

What fabulous weather to start off our 23-24 season, the weather Gods certainly smiled on us. A huge thank you to the 4 teams that started our season off! It seems however that the dates have caught a few of us out. Please go onto your members portal for your own roster or go onto our website for the patrol teams and roster. Several patrols were left very short this weekend, and we were lucky with clubbies pitching in at the last minute, this isn’t something we can rely on.

PLEASE be aware of your roster and organize a swap, if you have any issues with this let me know. As we are aware this season will provide a few challenges regarding the running of our patrols. And we need to work together to help make this season successful.

Water safety: Thank you to everyone that covered the Seniors/Nippers session on Sunday, the swarm of orange across the water in craft, on boards or with tubes was great. We have 2 more weeks before the Christmas break so let’s keep the momentum going. If you are available for this weekend for IRB driver/crew and want to learn how to set the stringline up, give me a shout. Thanks again everyone.

For more information on patrols, you can contact Alex Poulton vie email

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