Youth & Seniors: BB Minicrete Beach Marathon

Minicrete Beach Marathon is on this Sunday!  

This Sunday 9am we host our annual beach ‘marathon’ courtesy of Seniors Competition sponsors: BB Minicrete & Firewood Supplies.  Show them some love people!  In what promises to be a brilliant day down at Midds, and our second patrolling day as a club, it is forecast to be warm with offshore winds … how welcome is that news!

We will be joining forces with our Nippers team to run the event and aim to have presentations over a BBQ following the conclusion of the Nippers program.  

Youth & Seniors activities will otherwise run as per usual:
from 6:30am Warmup & Skills
7:30am Club Handicap Swim (all members welcome)
Followed by water events. 

We’ll allow plenty of time to gather your breath and rehydrate for the big run! 
Thanks again, from the Youth & Senior group to our generous sponsor BB Minicrete & Firewood Supplies