We will be commencing a new board training group to accommodate aspiring paddlers who are keen to improve their surf skills, fitness and/or competitive abilities.  This will run on a Monday/Wednesday or Friday on an alternative day to the Competitions training group led by coach Dean Symmans.  Please register your interest with Jason or Nick so we can connect you – it’s important to note that these days change from week to week to suit availability of our volunteer coaches (bless them).  

Training Schedule
Monday 6am Boards**
Tuesday 6am Ski   |    5pm Nippers*
Wednesday 6am Boards**
Thursday 6am Ski
Friday 6am Boards**  |   4:15pm Board/Swim (Ironman)
Saturday Free (7am Seniors Swim/Board TBA)
Sunday 6:30am Board/Swim Skills  (prior 7:30am Activities)  

* Nipper Training – our hard working Nipper AGM’s need your help for coaching assistant and water safety roles every Tuesday
** Board Training = 2x Comps sessions/week (rotating on Mon/Wed/Fri), and 1x Aspiring session (rotating on the alternating Mon/Wed/Fri to Comps)  

All Seniors and Youth wanting to join a club training group please contact your relevant sports captain for an ability assessment, equipment run through, and general chat about your goals and aspirations. 

General queries to Nick
Surf Sports Team Leader – Nick Walker or 0438 890 995
Boat Captain – Jeff Medcalf or 0403 789 746
Board Captain – Greg Pepall or 0439 905 822
Ski Captain / Development Officer – Jason Bresanello or 0422 925 350