by | Tue, 31 Oct 2023 | General, Patrol, Surf Sports, Youth


What a great start to the Sunday season! We enjoyed cool but clean offshore conditions, with a light sprinkling of rain to keep us moving and motivated.  The water continues to get warmer and clearer every week, great encouragement to our big pod of swimmers who surged out for the first 7:30 am Club Swim for the season.  We will record times for one more week before kicking off the elusive but ever fun Handicap Swim!  Fantastic to see so many new faces amongst the ranks of our regulars too.  

An eager group of youthies, have astutely perused their weekly Rip newsletter, arrived at the club swim warmed up and raring to go after enjoying our first early warm-up & skills session led by coaches Bresa & Nick. 
Get into some good training and comp habits, with a focus on your technical board and surf swimming skills, and generally get a jump start on the rest of the pack!  Sessions starts with a warmup at 6:30am every Sunday.  We’ll try this format early in the season before reassessing before xmas, depending on uptake – early indications are that this session will be a winner!  

The rest of the session was marked by a hard fought 2km beach run …. congrats to all finishers and featured some of our young up and coming stars; some exciting board races … lacking waves but certainly not speed; and a super fun all-in board relay mixing up our Youth & Seniors members.  

NEXT WEEK will bring more swimming and boards action, with twists thrown in, and we will be trying hard to introduce our first beach flags and sprints session for the season.   Thank you to our awesome water safety team for the course setup and support on the water – most appreciated guys.  And we won’t necessarily say it every week, but a huge thanks also to Dani & Jason Bresa for helping to lead activities on the day – couldn’t have done it without you.   Nick & Jos