Nippers Rescue Certificate

by | Tue, 01 Nov 2022 | Education, General, Nippers

A huge thank you and congratulations to our 28 Nipper parents who completed or did their update of Nipper rescue certificate in not-so-great conditions! They are vital to the program and will now be able to assist with watery safety on Sunday’s and Tuesday’s.

Thanks to Celia Waugh for coordinating the course and Jo Lucas for assisting in the running of course. What would we do without you two ladies?!  

We will be running another Nipper Rescue Certificate this coming Sunday 6th November for anyone else that would like to complete it, commencing at about 10.30am, depending on the completion of the Nipper program.

Please email Megan Downes Nippers Coordinator to get involved.

A shout out to out sponsors 777Albany Community Pharmacy and Woodside. Thank you!