Important Nippers Information

by | Tue, 01 Nov 2022 | General, Nippers

Sunday 7th November

This week is a points week where we collate the scores for the Woodside Nippers over the season to have a points champion at the end of the season.

Nippers start at 9 am and we will be doing all skills Swim, Board, Flags and Sprint.  

On Duty This Week:  

Set Up Pack Up Duty U9 – Green Caps

We need 3-4 parents to come to beach at 8 am to help set up for the Nipper events and then at the end of the program assist with packing up.  

Canteen Duty U8 – Yellow Caps

We need 3 parent helpers in the canteen for 2hr shifts, one starting at 8am, two starting at 9am, a BBQ Cooker from 8-10am, and 3-4 parents to supply food for sale in the canteen.  

Thanks again to everyone who volunteers it is really appreciated! 

Further information can be found by contacting Nipper Coordinator Megan Downes at nippers@albany