Patrol News

by | Tue, 20 Sep 2022 | General, Patrol


Welcome back to all Patrolling Members!

This year will see another change in the teams on patrol. Last season we had 12 teams of a minimum of 10 patrolling members. However due to individual circumstances, this still left patrol teams short on the day. Therefore there will be now 10 teams on patrol, this will hopefully cover the absences felt during last season.

Several requests have already been made regarding patrol teams and availability. If you have something specific you would like to be considered, please contact Dani Lynch on via email at or call 0437 411 557. Likewise, if you are intending to NOT patrol this season, could you please also so adise.

Over the recent weekend a significant education session was held with numerous members now proficient in Pain Management, ART,  and Rock Rescue. While it was a very busy weekend, it was fantastic to see so many of our members continuing to improve their knowledge and skill base.

It is strongly encourage all members to enroll in these courses when they are offered to the club. This a great opportunity to build confidence and improve your skill set within the supportive environment of your club. 

Thanks very much again for your time this season and we look forward to seeing you on the beach.

Dani Lynch – Lifesaving Team Leader | Patrol Captain