Youth & Seniors Wrap Up

by | Tue, 15 Mar 2022 | General, Surf Sports, Youth

The last Sunday … it seems too soon but alas the season has come and gone, and while the weather may not have been bright and shining, the attitude of all who turned up surely made up for it.  

The club swim was made up of a slightly younger age bracket than normal, most eager to show their attendance on the last day.  Dani, busy strutting her stuff at the boatie carnival in Perth, left strict instructions for us to leave a lasting impression on all who turned up, leaving us no option but to unleash the ‘Mission’ as a truly fitting season farewell for our brave athletes.  With nearly everyone choosing to participate solo (swim, run, board, run), it was fantastic to see the results of so much improvement over the season within the group, and also the close friendships which have formed – some choosing to really show their love for one another and hold hands while crossing the finishing line!  The session showed the true “completion not competition” attitude that we wanted to see.

Of course it wouldn’t be an end of season Sunday without a fun sprint relay, and while some blamed the goggle shaped batons for their skill errors in this demanding discipline (!), some tight racing eventually shaped up – great times had by all.

It really has been great to be part of our awesome youth crew this year – so thanks again to all involved.

And as always, great to have the Seniors along for the ride!

Collin & Dani