Member Protection Information

by | Tue, 10 Nov 2020 | Featured, General, Nippers, Patrol, Social, Surf Sports

Each member over the age of 18 years MUST have a valid Working With Children Card. This was part of the new SLSWA legislation beginning 2018-19, for the benefit and protection of all minors. This policy does not apply to members who are parents of an under 18 unless in a capacity where as requiring a Working With Children (WWC), i.e. Age Group Managers / Assistants or partaking in overnight camps.

Working With Children forms will be available and these need to be completed by all Senior and Over 18 year old members who do not have children registered with the club. The cost of lodging the form will be reimbursed by the club.

If you already hold a current WWC or have recently renewed your WWC please email or text a photo of your card to Gemma at or 0428 677 140.

Albany SLSC is committed to the health, safety and well-being of all its members and is dedicated to providing a safe, fair and inclusive environment for participating in surf lifesaving activities. Member protection is integral to this, and as a club we need to ensure the protection of our members.

More information about Member Protection and the policies that we operate within can be located here on our website. Member Protection is an important part of our Strategic Plan and this can be found here.