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Patrol Positions & Roles


Patrol Captain

  • Place patrol positions at the start of Patrol on whiteboard.
  • Does not take a position but needs to stay at base and is in control of all aspects of the patrol.
  • If there is a rescue, you are in overall charge, you do not take a role e cept direct the rescue.

IRB Driver

  • Must have their IRB driver award. If no driver is available, do not put IRB out.
  • IRB driver sets up and makes sure the craft is ready to go on the water’s edge.
  • IRB must have radio.

IRB Crew

  • Must have their IRB CREW award. If there is no-one with this award use someone with a Bronze in an emergency.
  • IRB can operate with just IRB driver


  • Member should have their SENIOR FIRST AID certificate, or a nurse or doctor would be good to use in this position.
  • First aid bag must be checked and replenish anything that may be missing.
  • Make sure the kettle is full and ready to boil for any cobbler incidents.
  • Place in position at front of the patrol base.

Advance Resuscitation Technique Certificate (ARTC)

  • Must have their ARTC award.
  • Must check the OXY VIVA, check the bottle is full and all the tubes and masks are and clean and in working order.
  • Put date on bottle.
  • Put out front of patrol area with first aid kit.


  • Someone who is familiar with the use of the Defibrillator.
  • If there are not many on patrol put this with the FIRST AID and put out with First aid bag.

Patrol Tower

  • This requires two people, if a warm day need to put the sun shelters up.
  • Require a set of Binoculars and a radio.
  • Their job is to be scanning the ocean.
  • Watch for sharks, changes in weather, occurrence of rips,  swimmers, looking up to Surfers beach and any crafts coming into the swimming areas.
  • This position needs to be changes every 30-40mins as it is difficult to maintain concentration for longer periods of time.

Between the Flags

  • This requires 2 people, one with a radio and one with a rescue tube to watch swimmers between the flags.
  • Advising members of the public if there is weed, dumping waves,  and that hard board to be kept out of the flag area.
  • Talking to people on the beach and general safe surf education.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

  • Must have drivers license.
  • Bring out at the start of each patrol, make sure it starts and park on side of patrol area. If possible should have a board join top.
  • When conducting a roving patrol take a tube and a spare first aid kit and radio.
    At t the conclusion of each patrol, clean thoroughly, plug in battery charger and check fuel level.


Someone to check the radios before patrols and put away and check at the finish of patrol. Great job for SRC member with appropriate instructions.


  • If it is a busy day on the beach and you have plenty on patrol, send two members tot hebaord walk just above the jetty. This position provides a good view of the ocean towards surfers and for watching for sharks.
  • Radio, binoculars, a seat and water are required.


  • Make sure your patrol team does not get sorted so swap positions very 40minds. The catch cry the year is ‘Rescue Ready’.
  • Please conduct regular scenarios on a Saturday and a quiet Sunday afternoon