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Opening of Patrol


  • It is the responsibility of the patrol captain to ensure that emergency equipment is in place and in working order. 
  • Any damaged or missing equipment shall be reported in SLSA patrol log and the relevant club officer. 
  • Damaged equipment must be written into the red exercise book in the first aid room. 

Status Report/Sign On 

  • Patrol Captains should be on patrol a half hour prior to start 
  • Patrol Members should be on patrol 15 minutes prior to start 
  • Patrol captains are required to report into SurfCom ( or similar) when they have 
  • opened or assumed lifesaving control of their beach. 
  • When signing on the following details must be provided at the start of your patrol: 
    • Number of patrol members
    • Additional Operational equipment (separate from minimum)
    • 4WD
    • ATV
    • Defibrillator
    • Beach status ( open/closed)
    • Number of operational radios
    • Number of surf craft
    • In-water and On-beach head counts
    • Any prevalent & notable local conditions