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Closing of Patrol


The closing of a patrolled area at the end of the day requires good communication between lifesavers to ensure a safe transition from supervised swimming to unsupervised swimming.


  1. Identify whether extended patrolling is required due to patronage/conditions
  2. Inform SurfCom of closure or extension
  3. Utilise the Club Public Announcer or similar to inform swimmers of closure and recommend they cease swimming for the day
  4. Utilise in-water Lifesavers/ and IRB’s to inform public of closure
  5. Consider a roving patrol to adjacent areas to inform public of closure
  6. Repeat communication of closure and warning of hazard to remaining swimmers if required
  7. Maintain surveillance of water by Lifesaving personnel while patrol is packed up for the day
  8. Maintain an ATV (or similar) and IRB on standby while the patrol is packed up for the day
  9. Conduct final sweep of surf area before packing up standby equipment
  10. Prepare After-Hour/ Callout Response equipment

*If there have been any Major incidents please let Dani know that day by phone call (0437-411-557) as we have to follow the incident up and at times its hard to decipher the incident report*

Guidelines for After Hour/ Callout Preparedness


  • Two rescue tubes and two sets of fins should be located in a known and easily accessible location at the clubhouse
  • At least one IRB should be fully set up (or close to it) with a full tank of fuel located in an accessible location (fuel storage container)