Full Review: WA Country Championships – Youth & Seniors

WA Country Championships, Sunday 3 March 2024. Sorrento SLSC

Live Club Standing: Albany SLSC 3rd (277 points)

Youth & Senior Team: Jesiah Bresanello, Julia Liitiaeinen, Hamish Bowles, Angus Bowles, Rachel Bresanello, Jason Bresanello, Nick Walker.

Water Safety: Tom Bowles, Devon Proudfoot. 

Team Managers: Sarah Bowles, Irene Liitiaeinen.

The results list says it all folks, this small team gave it their all against country brethren from all over the state, entering just about every event possible and succeeding in most!  A long and most rewarding team day on the beach that all competitively minded clubbies should strongly consider trying next year… Albany currently sits in third place overall behind Bunbury and Secret Harbour with the final standings subject only to the final results of the Surf Boats, and application of the handicap.  Watch this space!

Full Results

2km RunOpen F1stRachel Bresanello
Open M3rdNick Walker
U191stAngus Bowles
U172ndHamish Bowles
U152ndJulia Liitiaeinen
U146thJesiah Bresanello
FlagsOpen2ndAngus Bowles
U173rdHamish Bowles
U155thJulia Liitiaeinen
Beach SprintU152ndJulia Liitiaeinen
U174thHamish Bowles
Open1stAngus Bowles
Board Relay 2pOpen4thAngus Bowles & Hamish Bowles
Open6thNick Walker & Jason Bresanello
Board RaceOpen F2ndRachel Bresanello
Open M5thAngus Bowles
Open M8thHamish Bowles
Open M9thNick Walker
Open M10thJason Bresanello
U152ndJulia Liitiaeinen
U142ndJesiah Bresanello
Single SkiOpen M3rdNick Walker
Open M7thJason Bresanello
Open M10thAngus Bowles
Open F2ndRachel Bresanello
U173rdHamish Bowles
IronmanOpen5th Angus Bowles
Open7thNick Walker
U174thHamish Bowles
U143rdJesiah Bresanello
IronwomanOpen2ndRachel Bresanello
Surf RaceOpen F3rdRachel Bresanello
Open M2ndAngus Bowles
Open M8thNick Walker
U174thHamish Bowles
U153rdJulia Liitiaeinen
Taplin RelayOpen Mixed3rdAngus Bowles, Rachel Bresanello & Nick Walker
Open Mixed4thHamish Bowles & Jason Bresanello
SprintOpen M1stAngus Bowles
Open M5thNick Walker
Sprint RelayOpen Mixed2ndAngus Bowles, Rachel Bresanello, Julia Liitiaeinen & Nick Walker
The Country’s Youth Senior crew, sans the little guys – Jezza probably surfing, Julia still stuck on the podium.  Albany steps up with a double Water Safety shift (again!) – cheers to Tom & Devon.
The Brothers Bowles, putting the sword to the floundering horde
Julia, personifying loyalty, moved out of town earlier this year but retained competition rights for Albany.  Had to be helped off stage with the combined weight of all her medals