Inaugural Budget Lifesaver Relay

Sunday 25 February: a new part of our Club history!

Brave participants joined in the inaugural Budget Lifesaver Relay on Sunday.

Two surfboat teams started the relay with a short course completed twice, with a quick turn around on the shore. Jeff’s crew caught an awesome wave in, but the boat slewed sideways, Jeff went for an unplanned swim, which left the team to expertly bring the boat back without a sweep. 

Designated runners ran between the events with skis, boards and swimmers all completing legs. Healthy competition was evident, with the older members holding their own with the younger ones. There was much jostling, shouts of encouragement and laughter as Team 1 made it home first. 

Huge thanks to our Principal and Boat Sponsor, Budget Car and Truck Rental for their ongoing support for the Albany Surf Lifesaving Club.