2023/24 Club Championships – Youth & Seniors

Club Championships Sunday 18th Feb


  • 6:45am Setup & Warmup
  • 7:15am Marshalling
  • 7:30am Start  


  • Run
  • Flags
  • Sprint
  • Swim
  • Board
  • Ironman

Please note:

_*Seniors invited to participate but no Open championship points will be awarded due to lack of eligible entries _Ironman is youth format – swim/run/board – order tbc on day

_Event program is provisional and subject to confirmation and conditions on the day

_Setup needs your help! Please assist general setup (eg banners & flags) + beach arena (flags & sprint)

_Please send your best photos of the day to media@albanysurfclub.com.au 

_Eligibility to compete = relevant lifesaving qualification (SRC or Bronze) + regular patrols + regular Sunday participation + approved member protection (WWC or VDF, see below)  

Training, Seniors or general business to Nick Walker at surfsports@albanysurfclub.com.au or 0438 890 995.  Youth enquiries to Jos Pass at youth@albanysurfclub.com.au or 0428 995 077.

Thank you to our sponsor BB Minicrete & Firewood Supplies

 See you on the beach!!

Qualification: Youth / Seniors
To qualify for the club championships members must have in place:

  • Current active membership, inclusive of Member Protection requirements & relevant lifesaving award (SRC or Bronze)
  • Regular participation in the Sunday activities program, both skills and champion ‘points’ days/activities
  • Member Protection:
    • for 18+ non-exempt senior members, an approved Working With Children (WWC) card registered with the club
    • for 18+ exempt senior members under the WWC Act Parenting Volunteer Exemption, a completed & approved Volunteer Declaration Form
    • for 13-17yr youth members exempt under the WWC Act Child Volunteer Exemption, a completed & approved Volunteer Declaration Form

For further information about SLSWA member protection policy please refer to the following information provided at the start of the season: Register – Albany Surf Life Saving Club (albanysurfclub.com.au)

Member Protection – Albany Surf Life Saving Club (albanysurfclub.com.au)

Further queries to the club member protection officer mpio@albanysurfclub.com.au