Youth & Seniors News

by | Tue, 02 Jan 2024 | General, Ski Corner, Social, Surf Sports, Youth

Sunday activities – see you back on the beach on Sunday 7th Jan where our normal 6:30am warmup and skills will precede the main session starting at 7:30am.
Board allocation – regular board paddlers who are training and potentially looking to compete will have the opportunity to take home an allocated board for the rest of the season.  We will be in touch closer to the final move-out day on Sunday 14th Jan with details, or in the meantime get in touch with our board captain Greg Pepall.  Please put the move out day in your calendar as we’ll need to pull together as a team to ensure a complete clean out of the club prior to the club expansion works commencing.
Training, Seniors or general business to Nick Walker at or 0438 890 995.  Youth enquiries to Jos Pass at or 0428 995 077.