Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study

by | Tue, 11 Jul 2023 | General, Social

As you may be aware the City of Albany is undertaking the development of the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre (ALAC) Redevelopment Feasibility Study (Study) which intends to test, challenge and refine the potential redevelopment options for the facility to ensure that the future needs of its sporting, and community groups can be appropriately addressed. 

The study by Otium Planning Group will assess current and future demand on ALAC and whether the current level of service is sufficient to meet user needs and expectations.

Stakeholder / community engagement will be a large focus of this project, and this is your opportunity to identify the infrastructure requirements for the activities you enjoy, now and into the future at the ALAC.

A survey is being conducted as part of the study, inviting you to share your views and help guide the study’s recommendations and the future of ALAC. This survey will be open until 2 August 2023. To complete the survey, please click the link below: