Volunteer at The Aussies!

by | Tue, 14 Feb 2023 | Events, General

The Aussies 2023 is just 6 weeks away and will be held at Scarborough Beach and Trigg Beach.

Water Safety – IRB, RWC

A strong water safety team of over 50 operators has been assembled, but SLSA still need your help to fill a few gaps! They are seeking more applications from the West to reduce costs of bringing members from the East Coast, which is becoming increasingly expensive. If you could assist for just one day or 2 shifts spread over a few days, it would be greatly appreciated. You can select your availability for weekends or weekdays by completing the online application form below.


SLSA is also looking for local WA members to assist with radios, cooking breakfast, driving vehicles, and refueling boats. If you could assist in the mornings, afternoons, or the entire day, please complete the online application form and select your preferred days and times.

You can register your availability at the SLSA Water Safety – Registration System

Your support will be instrumental in ensuring the success of The Aussies 2023.