TOAD Camp 2023

by | Tue, 17 Jan 2023 | General, Youth

We would like to thank Albany SLSC for the opportunity to go to TOAD camp and have a great experience. When we first arrived, we put our stuff in our dorms and then went to the dining hall where we were divided into our activity groups, which split us up so that we could meet new people and make new friends.

Some of the highlights of camp were the food that was served, playing spotlight every night, bike riding, morning fitness, team bonding activities, archery, the giant swing and crate climbing. Because it was so hot, we got to do a lot of activities at the beach including IRB racing, Jet ski pickups and rescue competitions.

There were also activities at night; we achieved our radio operator certificate and we had to perform a skit between the activity groups, coming up with our own storyline.

On the last day there is a great race between activity groups, running around the camp finding clues to lead us to the finish which then ended the camp. We can’t wait to see all our new friends at carnivals and other surf club activities.

-Oliver Pass, Tyla Anderson, Eloise Hadlow and Dalphi Steer