Introduction to Board Training

by | Tue, 06 Dec 2022 | General, Surf Sports, Youth

Introduction to Board Training for Youth & Seniors

New to boards and need more time on the water? On Fridays at 5pm (in the weeks preceding Sunday activities), the club shed will be open for business. We’re aiming to rotate through some experienced paddlers every week to cover board handling basics and surf skills tips.

If the onshore beasterly is in, and too strong, never fear – pack the goggles for a fun surf swim, and/or join the runners for a Griffiths St or boardwalk jaunt. 

This week is looking warm, with favourable offshore wind and the chance of a wave 🙂 This will be followed by the annual Smith Thornton Sundowner upstairs!

Checkout these well worn and very solid guides to the art of the board paddle 🙂

And don’t miss both parts of this one:

Please register interest to Nick Walker at or call 0438 890 995.


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