Thank You to the Patrol Team

by | Tue, 22 Feb 2022 | General, Patrol

Following, an incident on Sat 5th Feb 2022 during set-up for a warm and busy Patrol weekend. It was one of those unusual hot weekends in Albany so locals and visitors were all keen to head to the beach.

Beach conditions were challenging with a 1m wave shore dump, cross current through the marine enclosure, large weed bank and a couple of rips.

Our patrol numbers were diminished, but a wonderful response from clubbies after putting the call out for reinforcements in response to conditions.
Well done team!

Below was written in a Thank You card from member of public (regular early morning swimmer at Midds) to Albany SLSC:

The day I nearly drowned was Sat 5th Feb 2022 7:30am. I was caught up in a huge wave which took me under, and I was tossed around and around as if I was in a washing machine.  I could not touch the bottom or get back to the surface as I tried to get air. I think I was only getting water, eventually I reached the surface gasping for air. I finally touched the bottom full of weed but could not get to my feet as I had no power left in me. I saw a man entering the water and managed to signal for help, he was my first responder (unfortunately I did not get his name). Then 2 others came to help, and I was passed onto Andrew – Lifeguard who took me into the clubhouse and wife Rachael gave me oxygen and rest. Then Dr Phoebe came and asked me if I was OK. I stayed this way for ½ hour gaining my strength, headache starting, nose running as I realised, I had taken in quite a lot of water. Andrew finally walked me back to my car. Home again feeling tired but OK.
Grateful. Thanks to all concerned.