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by | Mon, 06 Dec 2021 | General

Welcome back!

Updates on current projects:
Firstly: the Eco Team is seeking new members. Please do not be shy. We welcome everyone to the team and would like to invite youth input in particular. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Corinne: or have chat on Sunday am 

Reef Safe Sunscreen: New for this season – the club now provides reef safe sunscreen, thank you to Albany Community Pharmacy. More information on this to follow in another edition of ‘Eco Channel’. 

Containers 4 Change continues this season …… last season was a huge success. Thank you, Clubbies, for making the effort to add your drink containers to the correct bin. Remember you can take your empty drinking containers from home to the depot at 93 Stead Rd Centennial Park and contribute the 10c per container to the Albany Surf Life Saving fund. Our ID c – 10332592.

Recycling scheme continues; however, it is important that our focus is on reducing our waste. The recycling bins at club are clearly marked with yellow lids. Please ensure that we fill bins to capacity before a new bin is started. The club pays per bin regardless of if it is half full ie x 2 half full bins is double the cost of one full for your club.

Food Waste: If we have a club member who would like to take home the waste food for their chooks or compost, please see Kerry in the canteen. 

Keep Cup’s: Please remember your ‘Keep Cup’ for your hot drink. We have super cool ASLSC Keep Cups available to purchase from the merchandise shop.   This is a practice, with some dedication, that we can all easily achieve. Disposable coffee cups go to landfill 😡👺 Be on the ‘Green Team’. 

Plastic: Water in a plastic bottles is no longer available to buy at our club. Please remember to bring your own water bottle and refill. 

Sea Shepherd:  Our club collaborates with the Albany Sea Shepherd chapter. Following the success of last year’s beach clean-up and education/movie night, we hope to do something similar early next year. 

Remember to turn off all lights after use and try for shorter showers 😜
Thank you 😊