Lifesaving and Patrol News

by | Tue, 19 Oct 2021 | General, Patrol

A BIG thank you to those who helped out on the Open Day on Sunday, it was great to have such a mix of people happy to speak with new and potential members of our Club, and hopefully convince them to join our team. Your time and energy is much appreciated. 

Active Farmers Games Water Safety:

Huge shout out to Rob, Jo, Sude and Angus for volunteering their Saturday afternoon and doing water safety for the Active Farmers event at Torbay. This is such a worth while cause and it was fabulous that our club could support them. Many thanks to Jo and Rob for being taxi for the boys and bug congratulations to our very own Amanda, Kelvin and Ralf for their win for the day!

Patrol Captain Meeting:

Prior to the Patrol Teams roster being published, Dani Lynch (Lifesaving Team Leader) has scheduled a meeting of ALL PC’s for THIS Friday  22nd of October at 5.30pm at the Club. If your unable to make it please let Dani know asap please!

Uniforms: The NEW patrol uniforms are yet to arrive in Australia. Dani Lynch continues to liaise with SLSWA and it is hoped these will arrive prior to the commencement of our patrol season. We will keep all patrolling members informed.

Rosters: Patrol rosters will be released by the first week of November. Patrols are scheduled to commence Saturday December 4.

For further information, please contact the Lifesaving Team, Leader, Dani Lynch on 0437 411 557 or email