Woodside Nipper Neon Disco Wind Up

by | Tue, 11 May 2021 | General, Nippers

What a crackin’ night we had at the club last night for our Woodside Nipper Awards Presentation Night and Neon Glow Disco! It…was…AWESOME!

Over 110 Woodside Nippers hit the beach for a scavenger hunt before attentively enjoying the season’s award presentations. Then, FINALLY the moment they had been waiting for…lights off for the neon disco.

Thanks a million to our Woodside Nipper Coordinator – Megan Downes and her amazing team of volunteers who have put in a solid effort on the beach all season and then topped it off by organising everything for last night. Thanks Team!

Thanks to our parents for always supporting our Nippers and our Club ❤️

Last but definitely not least…Massive thank you to our state sponsor WOODSIDE and our local nipper sponsor Albany Community Pharmacy🙌🙌 Your ongoing support of our young surf lifesavers is very much appreciated! Stay safe, look out for each other and we’ll see you all again in October.