Conditions of Use – Surf Skis


Surf Sports competition provides members the opportunity to refine and practice their lifesaving skills in the competition arena at local, state, national and international level. Competition exists in numerous disciplines such as Boards, Skis, and Surf Boat and Life Saving events and suits everyone with a reasonable level of fitness. Participation can be social or competitive, depending on each person’s desire. For further information, contact the Director of Surf Sports. A number of training sessions across a range of disciplines are held by the club each week through-out the season, the details of these can be found in the calendar on the club website. To participate in a sport and represent the club, a member must satisfy all SLSWA and ASLSC criteria of surf rescue certificate or bronze medallion qualifications and minimum patrolling hours.

Sport Safe Policy

The Club is committed to improving the health of the community though safe participation in surf lifesaving activities. All training and competition will include warm up, stretch and cool down routines. Members, coaches and officiating personnel will be encouraged to attend approved training and accreditation courses in sports injury prevention and treatment when opportunities arise. Appropriately qualified first aid personnel will be in attendance at all training and competition sessions and first aid equipment will be readily available. Training and competition sessions will only be conducted in suitable environmental conditions. Members are to notify the club of any medical conditions that may impact on their ability to safely participate in club activities. The club will record all medical conditions on a confidential database.

Club Equipment and Property


It is the duty of all members to respect the Club, equipment and property.

All equipment, including lifesaving, competition and general equipment shall be kept in a clean and useable condition and stored in its designated area. ▪ Please see specific Surf Sports section for information on who can use, under what conditions and conditions of use. ▪ Removal of club equipment from Middleton Beach requires prior approval from the relevant Captain and/or Director of Youth or Director of Surf Sports.

Training and Competitions – Principles

  • Equipment should not be used for general training sessions when there are large surf conditions.
  • In order to enable Club members to compete at interclub carnivals, the Club purchases higher quality equipment (eg, new boards, skis, boats. oars, etc) for which its preferred use should be limited to actual competitions.
  • It is recognised that for the members to become familiar with this higher quality equipment, there needs to be opportunities for them to use it.
  • This non-competition use is to be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of damage to the equipment.
  • Club members wanting to use this higher quality equipment need to be: o Experienced o Have demonstrated competency in the use of the equipment, and o Have displayed a committed approach to competitions in the current season.
  • The relevant Captain and Director of Youth or Director of Surf Sports will determine the final equipment selection.

All Surf Sports minimum requirement – for new users/non members

  1. Club will make available 1-2 trial sessions per season approx. 6/52 apart (Nov to Mid Jan, Mid Jan Mar) as arranged by the respective Surf Sports Captain. Prior to commencing new users to have:
    • Paid Social Membership ($80) prior to commencing – with aim that this is put towards full membership amount if ongoing equipment use is requested.
    • Complete necessary registration – for ASLSC and Surfguard prior to first trial.
    • Assessed Proficiency swim: 400m prior to first trial
  2. Equipment to be allocated and trialled under direct supervision of appropriate surf sport captain limited to 6/52 as per above trial dates.
  3. Choice of Equipment will be allocated and prioritised by appropriate Surf Captain.
  4. At end of 6/52 trial period – new user need to decide, they can become full member and continue to access equipment, or cease using. If wishes to continue using equipment specific Surf Sport disciplines requirements required to be fulfilled. See specific Surf Sports section for further information.
  5. If new user wishes to decline, they can otherwise continue accessing club as Social Member as per Induction booklet.

Surf Skis


  1. Membership level:
    • All proficient/financial members
    • No social members
    • Prospective members on “Have a go trials”.
  2. Level of Proficiency (new/experienced):
    • competent paddlers (see Conditions of use, below).
    • new paddlers (see Conditions of use, below).
    • Prospective members must pass the proficiency swim trial to be eligible.
  3. Club involvement:
    1. the ski captain oversees all club ski usage.
    2. the ski captain provides training programs & coaching services.


  1. Requesting process:
    • All f/glass skis require consent of Ski Captain prior to usage (phone/email).
  2. Conditions of use:
    • must be competent, patrolling, financial member to use f/glass skis.
    • other active proficient members can use recreational (plastic) skis.
    • calm surf conditions only.
    • under no circumstances are skis to be used for catching waves.
    • ONLY between Ellen Cove & Emu Point, to a max. 400 metres of shoreline.
    • the use of skis under high wind conditions is not recommended.
    • at all times do not leave bungs in f/glass skis on beach.
  3. Equipment type based on intended use:
    • racing single (4 of) – 6m f/glass for training & competition.
    • racing double (3 of) – 7m f/glass for training & competition.
    • training (3 of) – “Stellar”6m f/glass for supervised training only
    • recreational (5 of) – plastic for recreational & training .
    • Paddles (11 of) for training & competition.
  4. Competition training – Schedules for use:
    1. all f/glass skis may be used for competition training with Ski Captain consent of user, & understanding of training program & frequency of weekly use.
    2. all f/glass skis may be used in club/interclub competition with Ski Captain consent.

Craft Care

Before taking out ensure:

  • ski hull is empty of any water
  • rudder is working
  • a bung is in place
  • adjustable leg length is suitable

Correct Washing and Storage after usage:

  • empty ski hull of any water
  • hose wash ski & paddles all over, removing all sand
  • Remove bung from racing skis only & place in storage box
  • Return ski & paddles to storage racks

Reporting process for breakages/damage

  • Obtain tag from boatshed, nominate problem on tag, attach to affected ski.
  • Write note on whiteboard re damage to attention of Ski Captain, or contact them.

Costs of repair

Damage to ski under club use will be covered by club.



  • In season: steering system only requires maintenance on as needs basis. i.e. cables, foot pedals, carry handles, rudder.
  • Pre season: an inspection should be done for all above working parts, including fixings.

Replacement/rotation: Upgrading of ski stock depends on current condition & members demand.

Transport on roof racks or trailer

  • use tie down straps (not Occy straps) with metal buckle.
  • cradles on racks are preferable.
  • periodically (every 2 hours) check strap tightness.