Conditions of Use – Boards


  • It is the duty of all members to respect the Club, equipment and property.
  • All equipment, including lifesaving, competition and general equipment shall be kept in a clean and useable condition and stored in its designated area.
  • Please see the specific Surf Sports section for information on who can use, under what conditions and conditions of use.
  • Removal of club equipment from Middleton Beach requires prior approval from the relevant Captain and/or Director of Youth or Director of Surf Sports.

Training and Competition

  • Equipment should not be used for general training sessions when there are large surf conditions.
  • In order to enable Club members to compete at interclub carnivals, the Club purchases higher quality equipment (eg, new boards, skis, boats. oars, etc) for which its preferred use should be limited to actual competitions.
  • It is recognised that for the members to become familiar with this higher quality equipment, there needs to be opportunities for them to use it.
  • This non-competition use is to be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of damage to the equipment.
  • Club members wanting to use this higher quality equipment need to be:
    • Experienced
    • Have demonstrated competency in the use of the equipment, and
    • Have displayed a committed approach to competitions in the current season.
  • The relevant Captain and Director of Youth or Director of Surf Sports will determine the final equipment selection.

All Surf Sports minimum requirement – for new users/non-members

  1. Club will make available 1-2 trial sessions per season approx. 6/52 apart (Nov to Mid Jan, Mid Jan Mar) as arranged by the respective Surf Sports Captain. Prior to commencing new users to have:
    1. Paid Social Membership ($80) prior to commencing – with the aim that this is put towards full membership amount if ongoing equipment use is requested.
    2. Complete necessary registration – for ASLSC and Surfguard prior to the first trial.
    3. Assessed Proficiency swim: 400m prior to the first trial
  2. Equipment to be allocated and trialed under direct supervision of appropriate surf sports captain limited to 6/52 as per the above trial dates.
  3. The choice of Equipment will be allocated and prioritised by the appropriate Surf Captain.
  4. At end of 6/52 trial period – new users need to decide, they can become a full member and continue to access equipment, or cease using. If wishes to continue using equipment specific Surf Sport disciplines requirements required to be fulfilled. See the specific Surf Sports section for further information.
  5. If a new user wishes to decline, they can otherwise continue accessing club as Social Member as per Induction booklet.

Surf Boats

1. Eligibility

All Sweeps
  • To be a financial ACTIVE member (patrolling essential)
  • Will have a current (inc Requal each year) Bronze medallion
  • Must be either an Accredited Sweep OR training under currently Accredited Sweep and have completed or currently enrolled and working towards completing the online Sweep training
  • Boat Captain to maintain a register of Sweeps and their qualifications
  1. New Rowers
    – Only to row in calm conditions under an experienced Sweep
    – See section on New Users Section as per above. Respective Sweeps responsibility that necessary Requirements have been completed prior to first trial row
  2. Experienced/Current Rowers
    – Will need to have completed/current Bronze with requal each year, – Full financial member and Active (patrolling) ASLSC duties

2. Access

Requesting process (who, how, when)

ASLSC Boat Captain is to be informed of all Boat Crews rowing intentions/plans by respective crews Sweep, prior to establishing training/rowing plan for the season. Priority will be given to any Competition crew for training sessions, boats etc.

Equipment type based on intended use (regular/incidental vs training competition)

Currently, the “Trigg” boat is available with a set of oars for social or trial rowing, or as a backup when the 2 main competition boats are in use. The Red Trim “Scarborough” boat and Blue Trim “North Cott” boat are to be used by experienced rowers/crews for training and competition only. The Black/Wood boat has sliding seats and is used primarily for training/competition for longer distance races such as the Albany Surf Craft Challenge.

Competition training – schedules for use

In conjunction with the crew Sweeps, the Boat Captain will establish a Boat Training planner for training for all crews to use as a planning resource. When more than 1 Competition crew requires the same boat for training, the Crew Sweeps must discuss suitable access plans with the Boat Captain. The Boat Captain’s say is final.

A weekly timetable will be maintained and updated by crews for use or boats +/- the ergo machines.

3. Care

Points to review pre/post taking out including Correct Washing and Storage

Before rowing: Ensure all bungs are in before the boat comes off trailer. Check all rowlocks are secured. Check water pump is working. When taking oars off the boat ensure that the collars are not dropped in the sand. When taking the boat off trailer remember correct manual handling technique and ensure all crew members including Sweep assist, spacing themselves out evenly around the boat – 2 at the bow and the remaining 3 towards the middle/Stern.

After rowing: Ensure boat braces are not going to make contact with the boat as it is going onto the trailer, prior to lifting on. At least 2 crew members to be placed at the Bow of the boat, with 2 at the Stern pushing the boat over the rollers. Last crew member to guide Bow of the boat to ensure it stays on the rollers evenly. All bungs to be removed prior to the boat being hosed out. Once back at club rooms, on outside paving area hose out the boat to ensure sand and salt water have been washed off, tilting boat while doing so to drain water and sand. Please ensure the boat has been drained prior to storing, with the Bow being left elevated for further drainage.

Reporting process for breakages/damage

All damages to be reported to Boat Captain and written on downstairs White Board.


At beginning of the season, full maintenance checks to all equipment to be organised by Boat Captain and Sweeps – including boats (batteries, pumps), oars, trailers (inc lights and connectors, tyres), and spare equipment. A general check is required during the season, any damage to be reported as per above. Full maintenance checks to be completed post season.

4. Transport

The boat requires Tie-down with ratchet straps over Oars prior to commencing. When the towing driver needs to stop and regularly check tension on straps. Always travel with spare trailer tyre.