Education and Training in September

by | Tue, 30 Aug 2022 | Education, General

Hi Clubbies,

September has a few training opportunities that will no doubt interest you all:

Training weekend September 16 – 18

State Training Manager, Dominic Cowdell will be delivering these advanced skills sessions:

Pain Management Certificate

Friday 16th September 6pm – 8pm

This course provides members with the skills and knowledge to be permitted to administer methoxyflurane (the ‘green whistle’) as a pain management technique. Although we don’t currently have this drug as a part of our first aid delivery, the renovations will give us the built-in security requirements to house the drug and use this technique as appropriate in coming seasons – so we need trained operators!

This session is also the annual skills management for those who already hold this qualification.

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques

Saturday 17th September, 12pm – 4pm

This course teachers the principles of airway management and oxygen aided resuscitation. It’s the perfect add-on to your BM and if you completed the BM recently, now’s the time to extend your training. A first aid qualification is a prerequisite, so take note of the First aid courses above.

This session can also be the annual skills management for those who already hold this qualification.

Patrol Captains’ Course

Saturday 17th September, 5 – 9 pm (pizza included)

SLSA has rewritten and reintroduced this course to the training arena, in place of the SMBM (silver medallion beach management). It is a worthwhile refresher for current PCs and essential awareness training for anyone thinking of the role at some stage in the future.

RWC requals

Saturday 17th September, afternoon

All RWC operators have already need notified of a skills management session run by Garry Williams in Denmark. Please communicate your availability through Pat.

Rock rescue skills I

Sunday 18th September 8 – 10am

Just as it sounds: an opportunity to develop some higher-level skills in some of the more difficult rescue situations that we may face. Participants with SRC, BM, IRB and/or RWC quals would enjoy the challenges provided by this course.

Rock rescue skills II

Sunday 18th September 11am – 3pm

Some wet target rescue scenarios to apply the skills learnt in the morning sessions using SRC, BM, ART, IRB/RWC and PC roles to manage complex scenarios. Sounds fun.

Feel free to attend either, or both of these sessions.

Registration for all courses

Please contact Jeff Medcalf on 0403 789 746 with any queries or to register your interest for any of the above opportunities.