State Government Election

by | Tue, 19 Jan 2021 | General

The Club would like to express our sincere appreciation to members of both the Labor and Liberal parties for their support of our club and volunteers. The recently announced election commitments to deliver our much needed Club Redevelopment Project from both major parties is a testament of the value they place on both our organisation and the services we provide to our community.

The Club Redevelopment Project is fundamentally focused on addressing a number of challenges and opportunities affecting the club’s future. The key areas are Safety, Community, Growth, and the impact of the Precinct Development.

Many thanks to the members of the Board & the Building Sub-Committee for their work and commitment to date on this much needed project. Whilst we await the results of the coming election and potential outcomes for the club, the club’s leadership group will continue work with the membership to finalise design and details for the Redevelopment Project to aid its fruition.

Exciting times ahead for the club in 2021!