Proficiency Swim for SLSWA Carnivals

by | Tue, 22 Dec 2020 | General, Nippers

To compete in any of the coming SLSWA carnivals, Woodside Nippers are required to have completed and passed a timed ocean proficiency swim. We did this swim a few weeks ago but there were several kids not there. 

If you are planning on competing in any of the upcoming SLSWA carnivals, Woodside Nippers will need to pass this proficiency. If your name is below, we will be doing a timed swim at Tuesday training, 12th January at 5pm. If you are unable to make this, then please contact Megan or 0438421261 and we will arrange another time.

Calling the following Woodside Nippers:

U8 Joe Nangle, Elijah Riessen, Chloe Beebe, Samantha Chivers, Sienna Dean, Maggie Stephens 

U9 Malachi Bresanello, William Dean, Ethan Laing, Zachary Riddell, Zachary Hume, Sophia Beebe, Tayla Hislop, Tessa Warren, Lucen Lenegan, Violet Morgan

U10 Connor Maskill, Preston Dhaliwal Mital, Lincoln Barrowcliff, Harrison Ponsford, Emma Lindsburg

U11 Fergus Stephens, Travis Wright, Jaxon Bell, Philadelphia Pickens, Mikayla Dean

U12 John Wood, Seth Coudler, Cobi Turner, Gary Wun, Toby Warren, Winter Proudfoot, Amber Hume

U13 Katie Beebe, Michala Sondy, Ava Marmion, Poet Smargiassi, Nana Yeboah, Ruby Steele,  Joshua Ponsford