Ski Corner February Update

by | Mon, 10 Feb 2020 | Ski Corner, Surf Sports

Hello fellow clubbies,

The good, the bad and the ugly…

The Good

Thanks to the Hearle Team, all our ski racks have been carpeted to
protect our ski’s and a labelling system implemented, to help with organisation
and storage allocation of those ski’s.

Ski training will be on Friday at 5pm for the next three weeks with a special
emphasis on technique and racing. Rob, Kelvin and I, will all be there to assist the
variety of levels.

Ironman/Ironwoman training will be on Saturday the 8th of Feb at 6am, Saturday
the 15th of February at 6am and Sunday the 23rd of Feb at 6am. This is a high
intense training session that will vastly improve your performance. Ps. If you want
to be added to what’s app ironman group, let us know.

The Bad

Masters and Country’s is only a month away, so get training and make
these sessions!

The Ugly

There is a new storage policy (see attached) but basically if you have a
private ski in the club, and you meet the criteria, it will be assigned a numbered
position, after you pay the annual $40. I will organising a debt collector
shortly ????

Rules, rules and more rules. We don’t like them but we need them, otherwise our
gear won’t last and people may get hurt. So if you plan on using the ski’s,
please familiarise yourself with the rules (see attached). Here’s a section just to
give you an idea:

“All f/glass skis require consent of Ski Captain prior to usage. Conditions of use: 1.
Must be competent, patrolling, financial member to use f/glass skis.”

Kind regards,
Jason Bresanello
Phone: 0422 925 350

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